Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SMF is still alive

"Dear Investors,

It was reported today that 8 Malaysians have been apprehended and under questioning by local authorities for cheating a number of investors in their own country. This syndicate had been collecting money from potential investors to invest in many Internet Scams and had never actually invested their money with SwissCash.

Swiss Mutual Fund has been coordinating with the local authorities into leading to the arrests of these culprits after receiving various suspicion enquiries and complains.

Again, we urge all investors who had invested or intend to promote our financial facility to not associate yourselves into any tactics of utilizing our facility to soliciting funds from public for your own personal benefit. Swiss Mutual Fund will not hesitate into taking any action against any party and coordinating with any local authorities to stopping their activities should we have found out their involvement in any suspicious transactions.

We would like to also take this opportunity to clarify that SwissCash is the only financial facility we offer to our global investors. We had never backed up or sponsored or launched any other financial facility that caters to the public.

Thank you

Compliance Department
Swiss Mutual Fund"

Sunday, November 11, 2007 and SunTraders were fraud

SCGuide and SC were fraud from the start. Somehow I believe that ST site was started by the same people who started SCGuide as you can see that is the only site which mention ST and the only site which endorsed it.

However, like I said several post ago, there is no information about ST apart from what they made up, the so-called company is not even registered and the address on their website does not even exist. The road it was on does not exist in New York and everything is wrong.

Remember a little while back, SCGuide said that you will get email and sms when the new partner is up but did anyone got any email or sms informing you about ST from SC ? No! . You get an email responder only after you sign up at ST which can be easily done.

It looks like a phishing site which is only there to gain access to private information of the already suffering swisscash members.

Besides if as the ST website mentioned, if they already have investors since 1995, why don't they have an office and just use this virtual office thing. Millions of dollars supposedly past through their hands and they cannot get anything right.

I mean they are virtually unknown and do you want to hand over your private details and trust over to them ? They want you to provide all your information while on the other hand, they hide everything about themselves.

Think about it, it just does not make sense.

If you install the Anti-Phishing Toolbar from , you will realized that each time you visit , you get a phishing warning. That has to count for something.

Swisscash funds have been blocked by the Malaysian and Chinese Government in their respective countries and their other Isle of Man and Cayman island funds have been blocked too. Do you think there is any way they can pay you without actually settling the lawsuit against them first ?

It just does not sound right to me. However, if you want to continue to believe them, go right ahead. Do it at your own risk.

I am in IT and I know that it is possible to get hacked but being hacked usually means you get a defaced website and from what I see, has not been touched. Besides if they were hacked, their admin should know about it and they can just restore the good copies of their website and having is back to normal again.

Also no company in their right frame of mind would hide their registration details for their domain names. It just does not make sense. Of course private individuals who do not want to get spam do this but not businesses unless they are fake to the core. - posted by someone -

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Swisscash 80 Days of Being in the Dark

Dear Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officer Sc - Smf (1948)

As we are all aware we have been away from our beloved Swisscash sites for 80 days, since August 18, 2007, and we all miss them deeply

As a founder and manager of this blogger : ,We are sure that we all notice that so many people using our blog facility, our former investors in Swisscash, have become frustrated with the absence of credible news that we can count on. We have been searching for news, but none of the sources can be verified for its originality or truth. Frankly, some of us are slowly losing our hope on the recovery of the Swisscash sites with the passing days.

Therefore, after 80 days of being in the dark, we think that it is time that an authorized person from the Administration or the Board of Directors of Swisscash of SMF speak up to all of us, either through this web site, or another medium, such as our personal Short Message Service on our cellular phones, or to our personal e-mail addresses. We are in direc need for such official explanation, information, and confirmation on when exactly the sites of Swisscash will be back on. If the company has been merged with another partner, it is also necessary to show us some type of preview of a website that we will start using within a specific time frame in the future.

We hope this open letter will make way for an easier communication between Swisscash, SMF (or the new partner) with the loyal investors of Swisscash.

Thank you for your kind attention.